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Latest Website-News (2017/07/22): BUG ALERT !!! The openings-epd file for my Stockfish-gamebase (SALC_500_7moves.epd) contains some identical epds. The tool "pgn-extract", which I used to convert the 500 pgn-endpositions in epd, is buggy!!!

So, I have to replay the whole gamebase (oh, no!!!). But in the moment, I dont know, which opening-positions to use. Perhaps, SALC-positions arent the best solution for these games with short timecontrols?!?

If there are any news, I will report them here...Sorry for the inconveniences and the delay.


The long thinking-time tournament is still running - I will update it from time to time.

Stockfish testing


Playing conditions:


Hardware: i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Notebook (Skylake CPU), Windows 10 64bit, 8GB RAM

Fritzmark: singlecore: 5.3 / 2521 (all engines running on one core, only), average meganodes/s displayed by LittleBlitzerGUI: Houdini: 2.6 mn/s, Stockfish: 2.2 mn/s, Komodo: 2.0 mn/s

Hash: 512MB per engine

GUI: LittleBlitzerGUI (draw at 130 moves, resign at 400cp (for 4 moves))

Tablebases: None

Openings: SALC_500_7moves.epd (download the file at the "Download & Links"-section)

Ponder, Large Memory Pages & learning: Off

Thinking time: 180''+1000ms (= 3'+1'') per game/engine (average game-duration: nearly 7 minutes). One 5000 games-testrun takes about 8 days (running on only 3 of 4 cores). The version-numbers of the Stockfish-development engines are the release-date, written backwards (year,month,day))(example: 170526 = May, 26, 2017), downloaded at I always use the latest version of one day, if more than one version per day is released. And I use the version "Haswell+" (=bmi2).


Each Stockfish-version plays 1000 games against Komodo 11.01, Houdini 5, Shredder 13, Fizbo 1.9, Andscacs 0.91b. To avoid distortions in the Ordo Elo-calculation, from now only 3x Stockfish (latest official release + the 2 latest versions) and 1x asmFish and 1x Brainfish are stored in the gamebase (all older engine-versions games will be deleted. Stockfish and asmFish Elo-results can still be seen in the Elo-diagrams below).


Latest update: 2017/07/22: playing suspended, see Bug-report at the top !!!


(Ordo-calculation fixed to Stockfish 170526 = 3420 Elo, which was the final result of Stockfish 170526 in the old gamebase. So the Elo-development of Stockfish has no "break" and can continue from the last point of the old gamebase)


See the individual statistics of engine-results here


     Program                    Elo    +    -   Games   Score   Av.Op.  Draws

   1 Stockfish 170526 bmi2    : 3420    7    7  5000    74.0 %   3220   38.9 %
   2 Houdini 5 pext           : 3357    6    6  5000    65.3 %   3232   42.2 %
   3 Komodo 11.01 x64         : 3346    6    6  5000    63.8 %   3235   39.2 %
   4 Shredder 13 x64          : 3167    6    6  5000    37.2 %   3270   36.4 %
   5 Fizbo 1.9 bmi2           : 3157    7    7  5000    35.7 %   3272   31.2 %
   6 Andscacs 0.91b bmi2      : 3071    7    7  5000    24.0 %   3290   28.3 %

Below you find a diagram of the progress of Stockfish in my tests since the end of 2016

And below that diagram, the older diagrams.


You can save the diagrams (as a JPG-picture (in originial size)) on your PC with mouseclick (right button) and then choose "save image"...

The Elo-ratings of older Stockfish dev-versions in the Ordo-calculation can be a little different to the Elo-"dots" in the diagram, because the results/games of new Stockfish dev-versions - when getting part of the Ordo-calculation - can change the Elo-ratings of the opponent engines and that can change the Elo-ratings of older Stockfish dev-versions (in the Ordo-calculation / ratinglist, but not in the diagram, where all Elo-"dots" are the rating of one Stockfish dev-version at the moment, when the testrun of that Stockfish dev-version was finished).

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